David Lynch

– David Lynch
(from some Youtube video)

You want something that’s out of the world? Watch any David Lynch film. His work is hard to classify. His style of film making is so distinctive, so utterly his own, it’s easily recognizable as his own.

They termed it “lynchian.”

His art is pure. They are shot and cut to the beat of his own drum. Many of his DVDs are without chapter breaks as he believe all movies should be seen from beginning to the end with nary an interruption. He’s also a believer in transcendental meditation, where he attributes the origins of his ideas.

He describes his work, INLAND EMPIRE, as “a woman in trouble, and it’s a mystery…”

And the mystery of the man that his work endureth.


~ by croatoa on January 25, 2008.

One Response to “David Lynch”

  1. Lynchian, it’s true, many people use that word to describe bizarre films. It needs to be added to the dictionary soon so my spell checker doesn’t highlight it.

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