Philip Pullman

“This is the question that every author gets asked, and none of us know, so we all have to make up something that sounds as if it’s helpful. People are genuinely interested, I know, and it isn’t polite to be facetious about it. For one thing, people don’t always know you’re making a joke. I once said in answer to this that I subscribed to Ideas ‘R’ Us, and someone wrote in and asked for the address.

But what interests me is why people ask. I can’t believe that everyone isn’t having ideas all the time. I think they are, actually, and they just don’t recognise them as potential stories. Because the important thing is not just having the idea; it’s writing the book. That’s the difficult thing, the thing that takes the time and the energy and the discipline. The initial is much less important, actually, than what you do with it.”

– Philip Pullman
(from the author’s FAQ)

Conservative British columnist, Peter Hitchens, wrote that Philip Pullman is, whom “atheists prayed for, if atheists prayed.”

But look beyond the controversies, the hullabaloo and read His Dark Material Trilogy and you can see the value in its words as Pullman weaved worlds where children seek to be free of their authoritative stranglehold.

Some see his books as the antithesis to C.S. Lewis’ Narnia series, while others see it as interesting reading.

The film version of Pullman’s first book of the trilogy, The Golden Compass was released.


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