Michel Gondry

“I have quite accurate memories of dreams. Also, I developed an ability to let my brain be permeable: if I see and image, it might remind of something else. Or I’ll get it confused with something else, because I don’t see it properly, and it becomes something new. So I decide I can use it. Like one afternoon, I was at this occupation center for bright children. They played a game where you put a painting on a turntable and spin it around, and it produces lots of great shapes. The problem, I thought, is that you don’t see the creating, because it’s moving too fast. I thought, wouldn’t it be funny if the camera shot at the same rate. Then you wouldn’t see the spinning, but you would see the shape being created. It’s how my brain works. Finding a solution to a problem is a very important process for me.

– Michel Gondry
(from a Nerve interview with Michael Martin)

Michel Gondry’s signature style is the whimsical, the seemingly-impossible stuff from humanity’s dreamscape. The French auteur started directing music videos, which led him to film.

His most talked about work is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, which won the 2005 Oscar for best screenplay.


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