John Ramsey Miller

“My ideas arise from a life-long habit of asking ‘what if?’ Ideas for my fiction are everywhere. For me it isn’t a mater of having to search for ideas, but more one of culling hundreds of “what ifs” for one or two that stand out. The more I watch and listen, the more questions my mind formulates. Ideas are everywhere. Deciding which ones are worth developing into a novel filled with characters you’ll spend months of your life creating, is the real challenge. I develop my characters from my life observations and experiences with real people. I think all writers cobble together their characters from bit and pieces of real people they’ve collected.”

– John Ramsey Miller
(from an e-mail)

The Mississippi-born John Ramsey Miller is the writer of several heart-stopping, roller coaster thriller, edge-of-seat gripping (and other clichés I can conjure up) books like The Last Family, Upside Down and Inside Out.

Miller is also one of the authors of The Chopin Manuscript distributed by Audible.


~ by croatoa on October 5, 2007.

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