Woody Allen

Well, you know, it’s a funny thing. It’s good luck in my life, it’s the one thing I can do. I was thrown out of school, I’m not a good student, I have no competence in any particular area. For some reason, since I was a kid, I could make up stories, I could make up funny jokes and I could always do it. To this day, when I’m walking down the street or having dinner, ideas will hit me, and I write them down on matchbooks or napkins and throw them in the draw. People ask me whether I think that one day I might wake up one morning and run dry, but I’ve had the opposite feeling – that I would die before I had time to write all the ideas in my drawer.

“When I used to write for television, many years ago, we used to go in on Monday morning, and on Saturday night there was a live television show, and we had to come up with ideas. There was no way out of it. I could sit in a room by myself and come up with ideas. It’s the one thing in life that I can do. I can’t question it, it’s like looking a gift horse in the mouth. I can just do it. They’re not titanic ideas – they’re not Shakespeare or Chekhov, but they’re enough to let me life a very nice living all my life.

– Woody Allen
(from a Guardian Unlimited interview, 2001)

The nebbish kid from New York, Woody Allen sees life as satire, something that was often seen in many of his works.

He started writing gags and soon wrote for Sid Caesar. His neurosis was a major factor in his stand-up as he riffed about religion, women and other things.

His movie, What’s New Pussycat?, debut in 1965 and after that, Casino Royale, in 1967, a spoof on the James Bond movies. More movies followed but Annie Hall, cemented Allen’s directorial and writing genius.

He continues making movies and still lives and calls New York home.


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