Tracy Chevalier

“Usually it’s something visual that sparks an idea. For The Virgin Blue it was a color; for Girl with a Pearl Earring a painting; for Falling Angels a cemetery and its atmosphere; for The Lady and the Unicorn a set of medieval tapestries. When something strikes me it’s like a spark in my head that ignites, and I know immediately that there’s something there that can make a novel. Usually I don’t write the book immediately. I think of characters and use them to build a story around the spark, then let the spark sit and grow into a little fire, and then a bonfire, and then when the houses start burning I know I must write the book!”

– Tracy Chevalier
(taken from the author’s FAQ)

Termed as a historical novelist, Tracy Chevalier first entered the literary world with her novel, The Virgin Blue but it was Girl with a Pearl Earring that won her acclaim. The novel was also adapted into a film of the same name and starred Scarlett Johansson.


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