Andrea Tinnes

“I draw inspiration from any aspects of visual culture: signs and alphabets, street art and hand painted murals, pop and kitsch, visual poetry as well as commercial art, psychedelia as well as minimalism and so on.

I do collect and archive all kinds of design ephemera: from historical type specimens and type catalogues, over historical design magazines, maps, lexicas and science books to contemporary flyers, broschures, packagings, etc. and I document (through photography) all kinds of typographic artefacts within the everyday life graphic landscape.

There is also music, film, art and literature and of course critical feedback, dialogue and debate.

Another important influence and inspiration for my work is my education at CalArts as well my former work for Jeffery Keedy at his typedesign studio »Cipher«.

CalArts had a strong impact on my definition of graphic design and my perception as graphic designer and it still informs very much my approach to design: to combine critical thinking with joyful formmaking, to develop my individual voice and style and to reflect history while exploring new ideas in the field of visual communication.”

– Andrea Tinnes
(from an interview with Type For You)

Andrea Tinnes is a type and graphic designer based in Berlin. Besides her designs, Tinnes is also Adjunct Professor at Bergen National Academy of the Arts in Norway where she teaches type and typography.

Her work has been featured and had won awards for typographical excellence.

Her work can also be purchased at her website.


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