Jeffery Deaver

“To answer your question, coming up with a basic idea is the easiest part of writing. The hard part is spending months crafting an outline that runs hundreds of pages long. Because my books are so plot-driven, it’s essential that I work out all the twists and turns in the novel before I begin writing it.”

– Jeffery Deaver
(from an e-mail)

Best known for his serpentine devices in his tales, perhaps Jeffery Deaver is best known for the creation of Lincoln Rhymes, the quadriplegic detective and his assistant, Amelia Sachs. The acerbic Rhymes and intrepid Sachs, were first seen in The Bone Collector that was also made into a movie. The adventures of Rhymes and Sachs continued in The Coffin Dancer, The Empty Chair, among others.

Deaver’s short stories were also compiled into two volumes – Twisted and More Twisted.

Other than a mild-mannered writer, Deaver also sings and once guest-starred in a soap opera.


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