Michael Connelly

“… in most of my books there is what I call a grain of truth at center. What I mean is that I use a real crime or incident that I have heard about or maybe wrote about as a reporter. Or in the case of Blood Work, the story was inspired by a friend of mine who had a heart transplant. I essentially took his medical and emotional journey and dropped it into a thriller story — with his permission, of course.”

– Michael Connelly
(taken from the author’s FAQ)

It was the work of Raymond Chandler that cemented a young Michael Connelly’s decision to become a writer. Working as a journalist, specializing in the crime beat, Connelly later took his years worth of real crime experience and penned The Black Echo, starring Hieronymous “Harry” Bosch. It won the Edgar Award for Best First Novel.

Connelly wrote thirteen more books involving Bosch. The Overlook (all 240-pages of it, quite a departure from his other lengthy works), has Bosch reuniting with an old flame and getting back into the usual spot of of trouble.


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