We Are Scientists

“We like to look at seemingly incompatible things – the way a painting looks, the sound of a poem as it’s read, the taste of a certain sheet cake – and take our inspiration from them. The way a puppy gets muddy when he flops around in a muddy pond; the sound a pillow makes as you dry it in a dryer, that tiny nervous scream; the way a rocket goes up! up! up! up! uh… you know, up! until, until you can’t see it or it dissolves or whatever happens to rockets. We take these things, these seemingly innocuous fragments of the quotidian trudge, and we honor them by turning them into big beautiful rock songs.”

– We Are Scientists
(from the band’s website)

We Are Scientists (or W.A.S. as it’s known among the cool kids) was formed in 2000, the band initially played free gigs at colleges, then self-made and self-released their two LPs and two EPs before signing with EMI/Virgin Records and released With Love and Squalor.

On top of making fine music and engaging the audience in witty banter, the band is also certified to dispense their lordly wisdom to our mundane queries.

W.A.S. are currently in Sausalito, California, hard at work on their new album.


~ by croatoa on August 3, 2007.

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