Matthew Pearl

“This is a tough. Unlike Neil Gaiman, I guess I don’t put much thought into it. Maybe that’s my answer: I seem to have no problem having ideas, and so at the risk of complicating however this mysterious process works, I don’t overthink them. I let them come. Writing as a process is filled with frustrations and travails, but I feel lucky that, so far, ideas have come to me smoothly. I have a document called “ideas” and have enough book ideas to probably last the rest of my life, so I guess I have a retirement account of ideas just in case the well runs dry. Of course, those are large scale ideas. In every sentence, of course, small ideas in service of the large one are demanded.”

– Matthew Pearl
(from an e-mail)

Able to mix historical fact with a writer’s imagination, Matthew Pearl has managed to weave stories that are re-told in a refreshing eye. His inaugural novel, The Dante Club, tells of a group of men, dedicated to bringing The Divine Comedy to the public only to be halted by a series of murders emulating the book, hellish punishment.

His next book, The Poe Shadow, is a study into the whys and wherefores of Baltimore’s favorite and tragic son, Edgar Allen Poe and the road to truth is mired in political machinations, impersonations and a female assassin.


~ by croatoa on July 13, 2007.

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