James Jean

“There are so many things that are visually incredible, like the bright colors of kids running around, beating each other up in the park, or that indecipherable white in the clouds in a dry, night sky. So the hardest part, for me, is getting over a sense of smallness I feel in the face of the beauty we are confronted with everyday, and mustering up the nerve to do something halfway meaningful. I believe that limitations are liberating in a way, that one choice or mark can sort of guide you along the way to finishing a picture. What ends up happening is frustrating, surprising, disgusting, and rapturous.”

– James Jean
(from an interview with KittyKitty on Art Beat Street)

Other answers also include –

“In suffering. And I redeem myself a little bit every time I paint — minus a few points when I surf the Internet for “inspiration” instead of going outside.”

– and –

“Life can be one big swipe file.”

– (both quotes are taken from JJeanius website, a repository of James Jean’s artwork)

At a young age, James Jean was always doodling and is one of the very few who had made a childhood activity into an art.

Only twenty-eight and Jean had already amassed awards and praise from his peers and fans. He has worked for Nike, Playboy, Ubisoft, among others. He is a cover artist for DC Comics and his work can be seen regularly on the cover of Fables.

His newest collection of artwork, Process Recess 2: Portfolio will be released July 25. His previous collection, Process Recess: The Art of James Jean is still available.

He resides in Los Angeles and is, again, one of the very few, who doesn’t have a TV.


~ by croatoa on May 18, 2007.

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