Brad Meltzer

“Research, research, research. You can invent all the stuff you want, but if it doesn’t smell real, readers will know in a nanosecond (and rip your head off). To me, fiction is at its best when it has one foot in reality. That’s why I need to go out and see the places myself. I need to see what they look like, and smell like, and taste like (yum, hamburger)—and those details drive the ideas. Everything else is a gift from God.”

– Brad Meltzer
(taken from author’s FAQ)

Brad Meltzer has written several New York Times best-selling books like his inaugural The Tenth Justice, The Zero Game and the latest, The Book of Fate. He also co-created the television series, Jack and Bobby.

A self-confessed comic book junkie, Meltzer also wrote the seven-parter Identity Crisis that was seen by many as a seminal work in the DC Comics universe.

He is also a participant of the Red Cell team (the Department of Homeland Security division) that divine possible future methods of terrorism on US soil.


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