Rob Riggle

“My answer: active observation.

What is that? To me, it’s listening, finding the unusual and appreciating every human interaction. Then, you ask questions, i.e., why is that person so awkward? Why did that make me laugh? What’s really going on here? Etc….etc….

Then you have to turn around and deliver what you’ve discovered to an audience. Then you’re a comedian. No delivery, makes you a comedy writer. There is a difference.”

– Rob Riggle
(from an e-mail)

Rob Riggle doesn’t look like the sort who knows funny, he looks like the sort who knows how to kill a man in inventive ways. That is half-right.

A former marine with the rank of major, Riggle has served in hot zones like Afghanistan, Liberia and Albania. His comedic resume includes training with UCB theater, worked in Respecto Montalban, and was a featured player for Saturday Night Life and  The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.


~ by croatoa on February 9, 2007.

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