Erik Larsen (comic book)

“This presupposes the notion that there is a place where one can go to get ideas. There isn’t such a place. The truth is — ideas are not restricted to a certain newspaper or book or website — ideas are everywhere. Every conversation — every television commercial for cat food — every trip to the corner store — every waking moment and many sleeping ones are fodder for stories. The problem is not finding ideas — it’s recognizing ideas when you see them and being able to put them to use. There’s no shortage of ideas — only shortage of imagination.”

– Erik Larsen
(from an e-mail)

Erik Larsen has worked for DC and Marvel and founded, along with six others, Image Comics as a setting where creators could publish their work without abdicating their ownership.

Larsen continues to script and illustrate The Savage Dragon, that was launched in 1992, garnering the record for longest tenure on a single comic book series by an American writer/artist.

Adding a few more feathers to his cap, Larsen is also the publisher for Image Comics and a writer for his weekly column, One Fan’s Opinion.


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